How to make chocolate pudding? [The Easy & Special]

Chocolate pudding is one of those childhood desserts that even grown-ups go crazy to get. But I bet you didn’t know How to make chocolate pudding .it’s just as easy to make from scratch as it is to open up a box. In this blog, I’ll show you how to make creamy, rich, and smooth chocolatey chocolate pudding created by faith Duran from the kitchen calm.

Here Are Cake Making Process Guidelines:

So, the first step to making our pudding is sifting all of our dry ingredients together. It gets rid of any lumps that might come up now or even later. But before we get there, I want to talk to you first about natural and Dutch-process cocoa. Dutch-process cocoa has been treated with an alkali, which makes it less acidic. It’s also darker and gives you a more of a deep dark flavor to your chocolate pudding.

What is Natural Cocoa?

Natural cocoa is lighter, and it also gives it more of a milk chocolate feel in this pudding specifically. So you can choose whichever one you like. But I’m going to go with the dark. So we mix our cocoa powder, three tablespoons of cornstarch, and a little table salt. Now we sift these guys together. When I get all those last bits of cocoa there, we go now we’ll stir in our cream well and easy, and let’s incorporate all of those powders into that cream.

Avoid Lumps and Stir all the ingredients accurately:

If you see any lumps, you’re going to want to press those out with the spatula lumps are the enemy. Okay, as you can see, we have a nice paste light consistency. We’re going to stir in our eggs. Two egg yolks and stir them in until they’re combined. You don’t want to see any traces of yellow perfect. We’re now going to heat our milk and sugar mixture. We do this together so that the sugar could dissolve. So we have two cups of milk sugar put it over medium heat.

Stir it occasionally to make sure that sugar gets fully dissolved. Once little bubbles are forming at the edge of your milk. That’s when you could start pouring it into your chocolate mixture. Take it off the heat you’re going to run. Half of it into your chocolate whisking frequently. Now continue to whisk it entirely into the chocolate mixture until it’s nice and smooth. This process is called tempering the egg yolks, where you slowly heat the egg yolks with the milk to cook them gradually.

How can you cook a homemade chocolate pudding?

Not cook them fast and scramble them in your chocolate pudding. You don’t want scrambled eggs in your chocolate pudding, and now that it’s nice and smooth. I’m going to add all of this chocolate back into the milk in the pan. Getting all of it in there, don’t want to miss a chocolate drop whisk it all. And now we’re going to set it over medium-high heat to bring it back up to a boil. I’m going to continue whisking this as it comes up to a boil.

It is making sure to really scrape the bottom of the pan and also get into those corners. You don’t want any scorched pudding in there. It might affect the flavor of the rest of it as the pudding is coming up to a boil. You’ll feel it thickening like I already feel the resistance on my whisk. I’m such a nerd for this stuff; get in those corners and notice. I’m doing this whisking slowly. I don’t want to whip air into this.

Final Preparation:

I’m not trying to make a big frothy. You know confection it’s putting it should be smooth, so move your whisker around smoothly here. We go this is what we’re looking for, guys. So we have these small little bubbles around the edge that are like very fast. And then you have these giant lava-like bubbles in the center; that’s what we’re looking for. When we say to bring it up to a boil, so I’m going to turn my heat down to medium and let it continue to bubble away.

Now you want to keep whisking keep getting into those corners as this is happening. We’re going to let it boil for a couple of minutes. What this does is it cooks the rawness out of the cornstarch.So it doesn’t have that like starchy corn flavor, and it also helps the thickening agent in the corn starch activate.

Okay, guys, this stuff is ready very carefully.Take it off the heat, Oh! Before I forget. We want to add our vanilla or booze scotch bourbon cognac whatever you got whisk it in. And now we’re going to pour it into our baking dish. Look at that; it’s beautiful, and that’s your pudding now ,if you’re not a fan of that rubbery pudding skin that forms on the top.

Conclusion of How to make chocolate pudding:

You’re going to take a piece of plastic wrap and push it directly onto the surface of the pudding careful. This is hot right now. We’re going to put this in the refrigerator.Let it chill for about an hour, and then you’re ready to go. Now that our pudding is nice and cold. We want to give it another whisk and serve it up, and if you wish to this super smooth,

you’re going to want to use an electric hand.that’s how you can make any kind of pudding specially chocolate pudding.that’s it from today’s article How to make chocolate pudding.we will share more article in food and recipe category.