How to add admin in Facebook page-Easy and Effective

In this article we talk about how to add admin in Facebook page? Now a days Facebook is not a medium of’s gone way beyond of communication.Now  Facebook use for local and international business.specialty it help to grow any kind of legal business.for doing sell or other promotional advertisement if you want to use Facebook. you need to open a Facebook page.also, if you are struggling to find time to publish content on your Facebook business page or simply maintain it so your followers can stay engaged with your business.

If the answer is yes, then you might need someone to help you do that how by adding an administrator to your Facebook page who can manage it on your behalf if you want to know how to do this then stay tuned so I can show you how to add  admin in Facebook page both from a home computer and your mobile phone

How to add admin in Facebook page: Step-1

first of fall you need to login your Facebook account which one you using for open the Facebook page.after that you have to click this below arrow button and you will able to see your page and then select your page which one you need to add a admin

How to add admin in Facebook page: Step-2

afte selecting your page you need to select seeting options from right of the page.after clicking the setting options you will able to see admin rule options right from the left side. if you see the screenshot you will get a better idea!

After clicking setting options you can see page rule options check the screenshot below

after clicking the page rule you will find a input box name “Assign a New Page Role” .when you click on the empty box you will get a suggestion of your friend .so if the person available on your Facebook friendliest .you can add him/her just simply type his name and you will get a suggestion alphabetically .check the screenshot for better idea.on this occasion i want to add one of my friend name “Shamanta Hasan” so i juts put her name and his name is already added on the input box .you can add only one person at a time.

page rule setup

now the person you want to ad admin is already has been set to add as your page admin or the rule you wanted to give’s very important to set the page rule.because it’s depend on you how much freedom or access you want to give them.of course if the person is your employ or you hired to do work on your page it’s need to specify you how he can manage your page.if you give him rule as admin.he/she will be able to get full access like of you .also he can remove your from the page also.

so it’s need to set the role as much you need to do work for you.most of the common technique is make as editor so he/she can edit your page and can upload content regularly .how you can set the power of your new added person? it’s very easy you just follow this simple process right behind the button.for better view to understand check the screenshot.

Final Words

That’s all from the details tutorial article of How to add admin in Facebook page. this is very easy to to done.but some people are not aware of this .this is our series tutorial in next future we will ad more tutorial tyoe article for my views about how to manage Facebook page and get engaged properly .we also want to inform you that Facebook page is very sensitive to use.i think this is very crucial to use it make admin someone whom you know really well.because from Facebook page sometime rummer can be spread and it can be very dangerous for you or our society too.