How to get motivated to lose weight and exercise

Today’s  topic How to get motivated to lose weight and exercise. A lot of people have become more health-conscious and try hard to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take much time to lose weight, get fit, and stay lean. The problem is to stay motivated. It is essential to understand that consumption of fat is directly related to how your body uses it. It would help if you increased your metabolic rate to make sure your body uses more fat to produce energy. Instead of exhausting energy deposits, it should use fat deposits.

So, when we talk about losing weight, many people know that they need to resist their temptation for fatty food or reduce their food consumption. Still, a lot of times, they are not able to do it. As a result, their body starts accumulating fat, which affects weight loss goals. Is there any way you can use fat and still keep yourself motivated to lose weight? Let’s find out in this post.

Increasing Your Metabolic Rate To Make Your Body Use More Fat

Your metabolic rate defines the rate at which your body is capable of losing weight. Age, lack of physical exercise, food habits, and lifestyle choices significantly represent the metabolic rate. When someone decides to lose weight and not reduce or eliminate fat consumption, he/she should start focusing on increasing their metabolic rate.

Several foods naturally help in boosting the rate of metabolism. When taken in combination with both good and bad fat, these particular foods can help burn the fat faster, leaving more scope for significant weight loss. Here are a few such food items that you can include in your diet when planning weight loss while using fats:


Olive oil


Raw nuts



Tips How to get motivated to lose weight and exercise:

Set Realistic Goals for Diet Success

The first and foremost step to maintain your motive is to make sure you take a lot of time in realizing the goals that are feasible to achieve. For example: if you are 90kg, then aiming to lose 30 kgs in 2 months will only be disappointing for you in the end. An average person with an appropriate metabolic rate can lose about 10-12 kg a month. So, you must set your targets based on average assumptions rather than focusing on realistic ones. To stay motivated, you need to have realistic goals, so you don’t lose the enthusiasm for seeing a slow process. Setting up unrealistic or unachievable goals is like setting oneself up for a definite fail.

Go Slow

Diet usually requires efforts that includes making some real lifestyle changes. These won’t happen overnight, but if you dedicate yourself to bringing modifications one by one, you will accomplish each. You have a better chance of staying activated and keeping the extra weight off if you decide to lose slowly. People who starve themselves get irritable easily and usually have a high failure rate. For instance: if you cut back on 300 calories per day, you won’t realize the difference and lose weight gradually.

However, suppose you decide to eat only 200 calories a day, bringing a significant shift in your daily food consumption. In that case, you’ll start feeling hungry at small intervals, affecting your energy and work productivity. In the end, you will end up stuffing your body with extra calories. To avoid such things, you need to manage your calorie intake every day and cut back only a reasonable amount of calories from your daily diet. To boost the process, you can consider fasting or detoxifying your body for two days a week.

Expect Setbacks

Everyone is bound to get into the temptation. How about grabbing a hot chocolate fudge on your way home? Come on, and it’s just one day! Yes, it is no harm in indulging in a single splurge, but you should not use it as an excuse for an all-out binge. Train your brain to not get overboard with the treat. Taking a spoon or two of your favorite dessert should be enough to satisfy your urge and keep your motivation for losing weight. In short, stop being a perfectionist!

Use the Buddy System

It is pretty hard to stick to the changes you have brought into your life. Things that made you happy earlier might not be a part of your life anymore. This can be anything from having a glass full of ice cream soda or large pizza. To keep yourself motivated, make sure you develop a buddy system. Pick a friend or person from your gym who can help you motivate when you don’t feel like working out. Such a person should be a fitness freak himself. Having someone to support your goals and follow them along is one of the best ways to stay motivated for weight loss goals.

psychology of weight loss motivation Be Patient

This is one of the biggest diet motivations one can consider. Make sure you have your mind focus on being patient throughout your weight loss journey. Patience will help you get going until the end. Even if you have been doing everything right, make sure you know that each effort will pay off in the future. Do not lose hope because you saw a few setbacks or the effect seem to be too mild. Stick to one routine or regime for several days. This is a natural part of the weight loss process. A few adjustments should be able to bring you back on track even if you feel lost somewhere in the middle.

Reward Yourself

Dieting is hard work, and there will be times when you would want to indulge in fatty foods. If you feel this urge often, it is essential to start rewarding yourself when you skip your appetite. You can use any reward system that excites you or motivates you to ignore the urges further. In addition to this, set minor goals along the way and reward yourself when you reach them. Your reward can be a massage, a new pair of jeans, a round of golf, or a hot bubble bath.or you can eat bunch of home made chocolate pudding This is the most important fact of How to get motivated to lose weight and exercise.